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bluecast x-one x-1 x one castable resin for 3D printing jewelry


BlueCast Resins | 3D Printing | Castable Resins | Best Castable Resin | Wax Like Resin


BlueCast Resins | 3D Printing | Castable Resins | Best Castable Resin | Wax Like Resin


BlueCast Resins | 3D Printing | Castable Resins | Best Castable Resin | Wax Like Resin


BlueCast Resins | 3D Printing | Castable Resins | Best Castable Resin | Wax Like Resin

Model HR

BlueCast Resins | 3D Printing | Castable Resins | Best Castable Resin | Wax Like Resin


Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County

Florida 33436


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At BlueCast USA, we bring you the finest Italian-developed resins for 3D printing, so you can create perfect castings every time. Our 3D printing resins are designed with precision and quality in mind, so you can be sure of getting the best results. We’re proud to be the exclusive distributor for BlueCast resins in the USA, and with our dedicated support team, you can be assured of a professional experience. Whether you’re producing jewelry, art, or engineering parts – we’ve got the perfect resin for you.

  • My piece is expanding after casting with X-One, what I am doing wrong?
    To ensure the most accurate casting results, please follow the correct procedure outlined below: Do not prescale the file. Please note that the printed patterns may appear approximately 1-1.5% smaller compared to the original design. This size difference will remain constant over time and will not shrink further. Wash the prints using Ethyl alcohol 99° and an ultrasonic cleaner for 3 minutes. If using IPA (Isopropyl alcohol), wash for 3 minutes without the ultrasonic cleaner. Utilize compressed air to thoroughly dry the pattern. Apply a fresh coat of alcohol over the patterns using a spray. Once again, use compressed air to remove any excess alcohol. Proper washing is of utmost importance to ensure casting accuracy. If immediate investment of the models is required after printing, it is suggested to perform 10 minutes of UV curing. However, if time allows, waiting for 20-30 minutes before casting eliminates the need for UV curing altogether. During the investing procedure, the pattern will experience a growth of 1-1.5%, resulting in cast parts that perfectly match the STL file. Following these guidelines will help achieve precise and reliable casting outcomes.
  • How do I import the printing profiles into Chitubox?
  • Do I need to cure under UV light?
    Generally, no. But please refer to the specific resin page you will be using for accurate information.
  • Is a 2-hour burnout possible?
    The ultra-fast burnout (2 hrs at 700°C) has been validated for X-One and X-Filigree V2 only. If using other BlueCast castable resins, adhere to the standard burnout schedule (fast burnout is possible for X5 and X10). After completing the burnout, it is recommended to gradually decrease the temperature to the casting temperature to avoid cracks caused by differential thermal expansion between the flask and investment.
  • Where can I find the printing profiles?
    Click Here (
  • Does BlueCast have a recommended burnout?
    CELCIUS (°C) 0-150°C: Ramp up temperature 150°C - 3 hrs: Hold at 150°C for 3 hours 150°C –680°C: Ramp up temperature 680°C - 3 hrs: Hold at 680°C for 3 hours Down to casting temperature Ramp 8 degrees/min Fahrenheit (°F) 0-300°F 300°F - 3 hrs 300°F – 1256°F 1250°F - 3 hrs Ramps 47 degrees Fahrenheit/min (or as fast as possible)
  • How do I prepare the resin for printing?
    TEMPERATURE - Our resins contain a significant amount of waxy polymers, which can increase their viscosity. Preheating the resin helps dissolve these waxy polymers, reducing viscosity, minimizing peeling forces, and ultimately improving printing quality. Generally, the optimal operating range for preheating is between 20°C and 30°C. AGITATION - Shaking the resin thoroughly ensures that all the different components are well-mixed. This enhances reactivity, particularly when the resin has been unused for an extended period.
  • How do I clean the prints?
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