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BlueCast X-Vest 10Kg - 22lb

BlueCast X-Vest 10Kg - 22lb


BlueCast developed X-Vest to meet the need of advanced jewel smiths asking for a high-resolution investment, fast, safe (it’s available also in liquid, no powder to handle), strong but smart to devest, suitable for fast burnout, and with the insurance of “one-shot one cast”. It took more than 2 years but finally, they have what you were asking for. Their passion and their job are to make your job easier, faster, and cheaper.

  • Description


    Resin Patterns (LCD/DLP/SLA)
    Hybrid wax / plastic Patterns
    Wax Patterns


    Automatic Vac. Mixer: Powder 1 kg – Water 300 cc
    Conventional Mixer: Powder 1kg – Water 320 cc
    Water temperature: 21-24 °C


    Add Powder to Water: 2 min.
    Mixing and Vacuming: 5 min.
    Pour into Flask: 1 min.
    Vaccum Invested Flask: 2 min.
    Total Working Time: 10 min.


    Sit undisturbed for 120 min minimum before burnout

  • How to use it - INSTRUCTIONS

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