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BlueCast X5 LCD/DLP

BlueCast X5 LCD/DLP


Castable: YES

Castability: Excellent

Compatible with: All LCD printers like Wanaho D7, Anycubic, ZORTRAX, Prusa, Phrozen, Micromake L2, X-Cube, Xayav V, etc. (405 nm with 30 watts led or a higher power)

Washing mode: Ethyl / Clean IPA alcohol for 30 seconds → Dry with compressed air

UV cure: Not required

Shrinkage: Irrelevant

Color: Light Blue

Primer Cat: Suggested

Size: 500 g

  • Description


    – Custom synthesized oligomer by BlueCast, not available to the market, the patent is going to be applied.

    – Excellent casting of small engravings both positive and negative

    – Fits all jewelry needs from filigree to medals as well as dental one

    – Excellent for stones presetting

    – Curing triggering tuned to maximize antialias smoothing

    – No monomer inside, no smell

    – No aggression on plastic parts (tested on PS, PMMA)

    – No post-curing needed for casting

    – No shrinkage

    – Easy welding with wax, forget about pattern lost into investment

    – Can be polished, engraved, drilled (post-cure is needed)

    – Low viscosity, easier to recover uncured resin from models, easy to wash

    – No preheating required

    – Very little hygroscopic while liquid, no water absorption while printed

    – Atoxic, solvent-free, very low phospine content, very low skin irritant

    – Cleaner burnout, 0,00% ash residual

    – Suitable for fast burnout

    – Full burnout also at a lower temperature (750 °C)

    – No expansion during burnout, sublimation starts at 130 °C

    – Excellent dimensional stability in time, no need to stock in cold/dark places

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