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BlueCast X-One additive DLPIZER

BlueCast X-One additive DLPIZER

  • Description


    A special additive to get the best results with all DLP printers.

    The DLPIZER permits printing with a higher light power source reducing the bleeding at the same time.

    1)    Wear individual protections according to MSDS (

    2)    Pour the whole content of DLPIZER into a fresh new bottle of X One

    3)    For smaller amounts use 1 part by mass of DLPIZER with 10 parts by mass of X-One

    4)    Heat at least 45 to 48 °C (113 to 118°F) and shake vigorously for at least 5 mins

    5)    LET REST 2 hrs before usage, it takes time to dissolve properly

    6)    As for regular X One, heat and shake before use and filter back to bottle after print

    Size: 50gr Bottle

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