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BlueCast X10 SLA/DLP

BlueCast X10 SLA/DLP


Advanced castable 3D resin for smooth surfaces and precise details on relatively large models. BlueCast X10 allows the printing of jewellery with high metal requirements. It has properties almost identical to those of wax and can, therefore, be processed with the same toolset.

  • Description


    Improvements from the X5

    Improved Castability

    Dimensional stability improved

    Build platform adhesion improved 

    Suitable for all kind of jewelry 

    – Excellent casting of small engravings both positive and negative.

    Suitable for all jewelry needs: from filigree to medals and chaton settings to signet rings.  – Excellent for stones presetting (improved elasticity). – No smell.  – Negligible shrinkage (0.7% after 7 days). – Easy welding with wax.

    –  Excellent yield of details with all investments. No chemical aggression of the investment during the burnout cycle.

    – Possible manual finishing (post-cure is needed).

    – Monomers free.

    – Extremely detailed.

    – Smooth surfaces.

    – Burnout cycle improved.

    – Suitable for all fast burnout cycles.

    – Full burnout also at a lower temperature (740°C, flask).

    – Excellent dimensional stability in time.

    Washing mode: Ethyl / IPA alcohol 30 seconds

    Drying with compressed air

    UV care: Not needed if casting immediately, if not, cure until turns white

    Shrinkage: Very light

    Color: Light Blue

    Size:  500 g

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