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BlueCast X-Nova LCD/DLP

BlueCast X-Nova LCD/DLP


Exceptional post-printing flexibility. The ideal choice for stone pre-setting

  • Description

    Introducing X-Nova, the latest resin innovation from BlueCast designed for a wide range of jewelry applications. This versatile resin boasts exceptional flexibility post-printing, making it an ideal choice for stone pre-setting. X-Nova is fully compatible with all LCD and DLP machines, including Novafab printers such (printing profiles LT-Dark 50u or LT-Burn 50u). With simplified cleaning and support removal processes, X-Nova is the perfect solution for businesses selling printed models or offering printing services.


    This newcomer isn’t here to replace our star, X-One, which remains unmatched after several and rigorous casting test against all available resins on the market. Its casting ease is simply unbeatable. The new resin simply fit different needs.

    Size:  500g

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  • Printing Settings

    Click HERE to read the guidelines and the settings for your printer.


    Click HERE for Chitubox profiles (download and import into the program)


    Click HERE for SOLUS printer profiles

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