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BlueScan Easy Jevel Lab

BlueScan Easy Jevel Lab


Accuracy: 0.025 mm

Resolution (minimum acquirable detail): 0.010 mm

Camera Resolution: 5 Mpx

Scanning Area: 150 x 110 x 90 mm

Export Formats: Mesh (OBJ, STL, PLY, OFF) / Point Cloud (ASC)

Scanning Technology: Structured Light


Delivery time: approximately 20 days


Suggested Minimum Configuration:

Processor: Intel I5 or Ryzen 5

Graphics Card: GEForce 4MB - AMD Radeon


Connections: HDMI - 1 USB3.0

Operating System: Windows 7 or higher


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    BlueScan Easy Jevel Lab represents technological excellence in the field of 3D scanning applied to jewelry. Made in Italy by Open Tech 3D (Opentechnology) and designed in close collaboration with BlueCast, a leading company in the jewelry sector, this scanner meets the demands of the most discerning creators. It enables precise and detailed acquisition of every element of any type of jewelry, ensuring faithful and flawless reproduction even of the most intricate artifacts.

    In the world of jewelry, precision is crucial. With fifteen years of consolidated experience in the field, we have developed a digital tool designed to enhance and simplify the workflow in 3D design and drawing for goldsmiths.

    BlueScan Easy Jevel Lab offers a stable and predefined scanning field, minimizing the need for complex calibration processes by the user. Its scanning volume is suitable for any type of jewelry, allowing simultaneous scanning of multiple rings. If required, the included software, 3D VERTEX PRO (with free lifetime updates), simplifies and makes the operation extremely intuitive. The scanner is equipped with specific accessories that facilitate the positioning of the objects to be scanned.

    The optical head technology, equipped with high-resolution cameras leading in the category, combined with automatic movement systems, ensures solidity and reliability. BlueScan Easy Jevel Lab has a compact, open, and essential hardware. Easy to use in a few steps, it is extremely intuitive and offers extensive user freedom. The control software, VERTEX PRO, developed by Open Tech 3D, features a clear and structured user interface to ensure user autonomy from the first use. Customized scanning strategies are planned to precisely capture the geometries of men's rings, engagement rings, trilogy rings, bands, pave and micro pave settings, pendants, earrings, filigree, and stones of various geometries.


    Key features include:

    Absolute Precision: Our 3D scanner captures every curve, crease, and detail with precision significantly superior to competitors, exceeding all expectations.

    Processing Efficiency: The system swiftly transforms scans into high-resolution 3D models, saving valuable time in the design and production process. The system supports computers equipped with both Intel and AMD processors.

    Adaptability and User-Friendliness: Flexible and intuitive, it accommodates various jewelry sizes and shapes, making the scanning experience smooth and accessible.

    Technological Innovation: It ensures maximum fidelity in reproducing jewelry without disruptions or noises in 3D creations, enabling designers to save time in post-production and explore new frontiers of creativity without compromising precision.

    Choose BlueScan Easy Jevel Lab for jewelry and revolutionize your perspective on design and production. Explore the unlimited potential of precision and creativity, elevating your art of jewelry to a higher level.

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